Taking Home Entertainment to the Next Level

Redfli Electronics creates custom home theater systems that rock the house and maximize the budget.
Nov 1, 2016
Donna Detweiler
Taking Home Entertainment to the Next Level

Dustin Oberlin, CEO of Redfli Electronics, has always had two passions: technology and business. After graduating from Ball State University in entrepreneurship, Redfli was a natural outcome. 

In the ubiquitous A/V market, Redfli seeks to be as unique as its name. “We’re doing the research and the thinking,” says Oberlin. 

Redfli’s expertise includes networking and security systems, smart home technology, distributed audio and video, automated shades and blinds, custom furniture, LED lighting and home theater. It has a custom division, state-of-the-art retail showroom and an e-commerce website. 

Creating Home Theater Experiences

With the entertainment industry booming, people want to improve their home viewing and listening experience. “Whether upgrading their living room to a basic surround sound system or creating a private screening room, we can take care of them,” says Joel Usina, director of marketing.

Depending on the customer’s desires, space and budget, Redfli can deliver five levels of home theater experience, which range from approximately $5,000 to $500,000. Here is a brief description: 

Soundbar Surround Sound. A 5.1 type system using a soundbar for your front center, left and right speakers, along with two rear speakers and a subwoofer. Consider adding a nice TV to finish the space, either in a living room or even three seasons room.

Media Space. A more cinematic feel is created by a larger TV screen and built-in or external speakers, typically five to seven independent speakers and one or two subwoofers. Custom furniture, shades and LED lights can be added. 

Theater Space. A large, open space in the home creates a theater-like experience with theater-style seating, a projector and screen, seven to nine speakers and two to three subwoofers.

Dedicated Theater. A closed-off room custom designed for movie viewing at home. Using a larger cinematic quality screen and 4K projector creates a noticeable difference in video quality. nine to eleven speakers and three to four subwoofers offer better 3D sound. Custom theater-style seating is a must, plus acoustic treatments and even LED lighting.

Screening Room. This large-scale, dedicated home theater includes at least 13 speakers, six to eight subwoofers, 10-30 stadium-style custom seats plus D-Box motion seating. A top notch projector and huge screen make it similar to or better than a typical cinema experience.

“At Redfli, we provide products and a level of support that no one else has,” says Oberlin. “We custom install in homes from Fort Wayne to Indy, Ann Arbor and Chicago. Our newly designed retail showroom invites customers to experience the products we represent.”

“We want to connect with people who have an appreciation of a better viewing/listening experience,” says Oberlin.

Redfli Electronics

Address: 6427 Georgetown N. Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Phone: (877) 733-3547

Email: redfli.com

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