Getting To Know The City Exchange

The City Exchange offers affordable space to retailers in downtown Fort Wayne. Here are just a few of the shops featured in the City Exchange
Aug 1, 2016
Jeffrey Crane

Zinnia’s Bakehouse

Owners: Aracely Vega & Krystal Vega
We thought having a spot in downtown Fort Wayne would always be a far distant dream because of the price tag that comes along with a leased space. When we were approached and informed about this space our eyes lit up because we knew it was just for us. Great location, great lease and the best neighbors--both inside the mall and within walking distance!

Favorite Picks: 
Cupcakes: We have six to eight flavors rotating according to season and the baker’s mood. The flavors vary from our traditional Funfetti® and snickerdoodle, to our salted caramel macchiato topped with our house-made salted caramel. 
Macarons: This is our only gluten-free option at the moment. They are made with two almond meringue cookies that sandwich different fillings. The macaron flavors also rotate according to season. 
Brownies: We have four varieties, all of which are a delight for a chocolate-lover’s palate. We offer peanut butter, cheesecake, Nutella® or turtle. 

Ferris ~ A Maker’s Apothecary

Owner: Nathan Morin
We are a local manufacturer of certified organic body care products. We were looking for a small, affordable space downtown Fort Wayne to bring our experiential retail concept to life.

Favorite Picks: 
Make Your Own Aromatherapy Spray: Create your own aromatherapy spray from our selection of over 80 organic essential oils and almost two dozen organic flower waters. 
Bulk Organic Essential Oils: Purchase organic essential oils in increments that you choose.  Certified Organic Deodorants: Our certified organic deodorants are sold on over 300 store shelves nationwide. They are handmade in small batches using 100 percent natural, edible ingredients that work together to kill odor-causing bacteria to keep you smelling fresh all day long. 

The Narwhal and The Manatee

Owners: Megan Elizabeth Sutton and Traci Henning-Kolberg 
We chose to lease a space at the City Exchange because the rent is reasonably set to allow small businesses such as ours to have a storefront downtown without going broke in the process. The sales we generate allow us to purchase raw materials and supplies as well as hire employees to help us stay on top of the demand that has been building in the few months we’ve been open. 

Favorite Picks: Our signature products are our cupcake bath fizzies. With these little delights, the bottom “cupcake” part is a bath fizzy and the top “frosting” is a super moisturizing and exfoliating sugar scrub. We are really pleased with how realistic they look and even more pleased with how well they work. A bestseller right now is our Neat, Sweet, Feet Foot Stick. It is definitely a must-have for summer weather. We refer to it as lip balm for your feet: it’s in stick form, solid and easy to apply without the need to rub it in with your hands. It is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, wheat germ oil and beeswax which all work together to soothe cracked heels and soften calluses. With this product the exterior counts every bit as much as the interior. Each foot stick comes in a paperboard tube that is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. 

Juice Jar

Owners: Jill and Scott Howard
We chose to lease a space at City Exchange for a few different reasons. First, we really liked the atmosphere and energy the space provides. Second, we really wanted to be a part of the growing downtown shopping experience. Finally, we love what the City Exchange offers: a place where new businesses that aren’t able to take on the expense of their own physical structure have an opportunity to have an actual storefront.

Favorite Picks: 
Daily Food Menu: We offer a healthy food option downtown for on-the-go individuals. We serve salads, wraps, vitality bowls and our “Power Lunch” smoothie. Our ingredients are either organic or sourced by a local farmer. All of our items are have no GMOs, no pesticides and no herbicides.
Cleanse and Wholesale Programs: We have many customers who love our delivery service of cleanses and juices. We deliver right to your home or office on Tuesdays or Fridays between 4 and 8 a.m..
Juicing Kit: We offer juicing kits for individuals that want to juice themselves, but don’t have time for all the sourcing and preparation. We do all the work for you and deliver portioned kits that are washed and cut ready for any juicer.


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