Markets and Meaningful Matters

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May 1, 2016
Stacey Root, Editor
Markets and Meaningful Matters

Summertime always brings about a fresh start and feelings of change. This rejuvenation can affect all aspects of our lives whether it entails eating healthier, taking up running, doing that winery tour you’ve always wanted to take or finally finishing that book that’s been setting on your nightstand for months. Summer is the time to turn off your phone, step away from screens and experience the outside world. 

One activity I’ve always said I’ll do more of, but haven’t actually done, is to visit more farmer’s markets. There’s nothing like a Saturday morning spent taking in fresh local produce, browsing unique artisan products and interacting with the community I love. 

So, if you’re like me and have been meaning to get to some farmer’s markets, here’s a list of a few that Fort Wayne has to offer:
(Times and locations may be subject to change, so be sure to check online for updates.)


Teds Market


Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market - Parkview North Family Park
Parkview North Family Park


Salomon Farmers’ Market
The Old Barn at Salomon Farm Park on Dupont Road


Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market
110 E. Wayne Street


Historic West Main Street Farmer’s Market
1936 W. Main Street


South Side Farmer’s Market
3300 Warsaw Street

YLNI Farmer’s Market
Corner of Wayne and Barr Streets

Farmers Market at Parkview Field
Parkview Field

This sunny season is ideal for doing all those meaningful things you’ve been meaning to do. However, why make this rejuvenation a seasonal act? (Full disclosure: Fort Wayne does have an indoor winter market that I’ve neglected all year.) Don’t hold off on things because the timing isn’t ideal or because the weather has you down. Now is always the time for improvement no matter what the season and there’s no excuse for delaying enjoyment. Go out today and do what interests you, spend actual face time with the people you love and experience the world the way you’ve always envisioned.


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