Building A Backyard Oasis

Henderson Pools is a one-stop shop for transforming your backyard into a healthy environment, fun for the whole family.
May 1, 2016
Deborah C. Gerbers
Jeffery Crane
Building A Backyard Oasis

Summer is right around the corner and enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors is at the top of everyone’s list. Whether it’s grilling a delicious dinner al fresco, splashing in the pool to beat the heat or relaxing in the hot tub after a long day, spending time in your very own backyard is the way to go—and Henderson Pools in Auburn is your one-stop shop to help you get there.

Located just north of Fort Wayne, Henderson Pools is a full-service pool company that helps you design, plan and build the pool of your dreams. It offers in-ground pools, above ground pools, hot tubs and saunas, as well as a full range of services and maintenance once each product has been installed. Henderson Pools is all self-performed, meaning it handles every phase of your pool construction and also maintains your pool. 

Owner Brett Henderson says the Auburn location is key to reaching customers outside the Fort Wayne city limits. “Fort Wayne-based pool builders get busy,” Henderson says. “Having someone available in this area serves a greater need.”

It also made sense for Henderson to build pools since he already had the necessary excavating equipment and trucks at the ready from his concrete company, Henderson Construction. “It was a simple transition to begin building pools.”

The process of building a pool is one with lots of variables and details, which require experienced, knowledgeable experts who are trained to deal with the issues that may arise. “We can build the best pool around,” says Henderson Pools sales and construction manager Skyler Vendrely. “Because we have a concrete background that is more structural in design, we put a lot more thought into concrete footers and concrete floors for pools.”

“With Henderson Pools, instead of using ‘pool-crete’ which is a few inches of concrete covered by a liner,” Vendrely says, “we actually pour four to five inches of concrete first. This results in a pool that will hold up much better over time. In fact, I just showed a customer a pool we did four years ago and there’s not one single crack in the concrete we poured.”

With high quality construction in mind, Henderson uses its own subcontractors for each project, eliminating that task for the customer. “We meet with customers on-site,” Henderson says. “We can give a quote for above-ground pools over the phone, but for installation and building an in-ground pool we need to see the space in person. We need to sort information and then develop a price, which usually takes four to five meetings to ensure the customer gets what they want.”

Henderson Pools can accommodate anyone’s needs, with pools ranging from 42 inches to 10 feet depths. Prices will vary, but generally speaking can range between $22,000 for smaller pools all the way to $90,000 for larger pools with a multitude of added accessories. And the experts at Henderson Pools not only build and install, they also offer service calls and maintenance. Service technicians test the water, pH levels, add chemicals as needed and make necessary repairs to equipment. They also offer long-term maintenance solutions by replacing skimmer baskets, pool liners, filters and hoses.

“We all care about the customer and what we do,” Vendrely says. “Everyone at Henderson Pools looks forward to coming to work and genuinely cares about their job. We are a one-stop shop for our customers.”

Offering everything from healthier grilling options with the Big Green Egg grills, to the Green Series fitness equipment by Brigadoon Fitness, to custom pools and hot tubs by Indianapolis manufacturer Royal Spas, Henderson agrees. “Here at Henderson Pools we are totally focused on healthy living.” 

Henderson Pools

Address: 541 N. Grandstaff Road, Ste. B Auburn, Indiana 46706

Phone: (260) 333-7111



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