Business Leader of the Year

Mike Packnett, president and CEO of Parkview Health, has been honored as Business Leader of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.
Feb 1, 2016

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has honored the state’s Business Leader of the Year annually since 1990. The winner is recognized for not only making a difference in his or her company but in the broader community.

When Mike Packnett came to Indiana less than a decade ago as the leader of Parkview Health, his mission extended beyond healthcare to the economic well-being of Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana. Today, the prognosis is excellent for all.

Packnett is tireless in his work to both solve today’s challenges and enthusiastically articulate a vision for the future. He embraces servant leadership and is comfortable with his position as “chief among equals.”

Parkview Health continues to provide high-quality medical care—at Parkview Regional Medical Center and the numerous other facilities in its system—on a regional basis. The current focus, Packnett says, is on creating more personalized healthcare journeys.

Packnett also has been a leader in the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s efforts to turn around the per capita income challenge and focus on the talent needed to boost companies and communities. He was among those able to successfully convince regional leaders that collaboration was the key to ultimate success.

The hospital president and CEO also dedicates his time and talents to numerous community organizations. He lists The Rescue Mission and its efforts to meet the needs of the homeless among his personal passions.

The decision by Packnett and Parkview to invest in Parkview Field was a catalyst that spurred continuing downtown development.

“It has exceeded everyone’s expectations. It’s more about an experience downtown than a baseball game. It helped change our psyche. That is part of what we were hoping, but you never know. People are proud of Parkview Field, the restaurants downtown, the mayor’s vision for the riverfront. It was that rallying project that brought people together like never before,” says Packnett. 

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