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Galecki Financial Management Inc. Prides itself on a fee-only system that allows it to focus on each client's unique needs.
Jun 1, 2015
Jennifer Blomquist
Steve Vorderman

“Our tagline at Galecki Financial Management is
‘All we sell is time and knowledge,’” says Greg Galecki, CFP®, owner/principal of Galecki Financial Management.


“We are unique because we don’t sell any commission products. We never take any commissions and all revenue that comes to our office comes from our clients directly.”

In 1990, Galecki started a financial planning practice for a regional CPA firm in Fort Wayne. In 1992, Galecki adopted the fee-only policy and believes that is what sets the firm apart from others. Four years later, he purchased the company and turned it into Galecki Financial Management. 

“As an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), we’re ranked in the top 300 in the country,” he says. “We simply don’t take any commissions at any time and we don’t have any other arm or subsidiary that takes commissions.”

Another unique factor at Galecki Financial Management is called the Initial Financial Overview, or IFO. Galecki pioneered the IFO, a two-hour financial planning meeting that is available to anyone interested for a fee of $775.

“There’s only so much you can do in two hours. But at least you can give an education, as opposed to a sales pitch. If you’ve got $20,000 you want to invest and you go to a normal stockbroker or financial adviser who’s on commission, you’ll pay as much as 5 percent or $1,000 in a commission and all you’ll get is a sales pitch. If you come to us and pay $775, you get educated and we’ll tell you exactly which no-load mutual fund to use and help you set it up. So, you pay less and you get a lot more. That’s how this firm was built and that’s how it grew. When I left the accounting firm in 1994, I had $13 million under management. Now we have $400 million. So, we’ve grown from a one-person shop in 1994 to a 13-person firm today.”

Galecki received national recognition for his fee-only philosophy and, over the years, has been invited to speak about the practice to numerous groups around the country.

“The more sophisticated clients realize that they want fee-only services where their adviser is totally objective. By the time you’re 50 to 55 years old and you’ve actually amassed some serious money, you’re looking for somebody who can assimilate all of your pieces together. That’s what we specialize in at Galecki.”

Galecki is one of four owners/principals at the firm: Albert (A.T.) Kohout, CFP®, MBA; Brady McArdle, CFP®; and Melanie Colwell, CFP®.

Colwell has drawn from both her professional and personal experience to offer a one-of-a-kind financial service specifically tailored to women in transition.

“Whether there’s a death, divorce, a job change or birth of a child, it’s difficult to make decisions during those times,” says Colwell. “I’ve focused my energy toward catering to women who are experiencing life transitions and offering them a more compassionate and effective approach—allowing them to feel their experience without being pressured into making decisions they may not be ready to make.”

Colwell has attended a number of grief trainings geared toward the financial professional and is in the process of earning her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation that will allow her to work with a woman’s legal team as she goes through a divorce. Colwell also offers casual seminars for women that helps map out their personal prosperity picture.

“There’s nobody else in town who is female, is a CFP, has ten years of experience, is a shareholder and is fee-only,” says Galecki. 

“We focus on tailoring plans for our clients,” says Brady McArdle. “We implemented a segmentation program this past year that continues the vision Greg had when he first started the company. It’s collaborative in nature and extensively uses all of our staff. We work closely with our clients and meet with them four or five times a year. With the segmentation, we set up a schedule so every client is getting all the pieces to their individual puzzle addressed regularly with everything from tax planning to estate planning.”

“We also have a strong investment committee with seven members,” says  Kohout. “All of the members have different backgrounds and everybody’s opinion is heard. We debate and explore different ideas, then do the research behind those ideas. It’s very involved and all of the decisions are made as a committee and done across the board. We take this very seriously because we know our clients’ money is at stake and we respect that.”

“The beauty of working with Galecki is that we are locally-owned and all investment decisions are made right here,” says Galecki. “We have a reputation of forming long-term relationships with our clients and are starting to work with second generation clients. We become the trusted family adviser and we are very proud of that.”

Galecki Financial Management Inc.

Address: 7743 West Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (260) 463-8525



Years in Business: 25

Number of Employees: 13

Products & Services: Initial financial overview, asset management service, comprehensive financial planning and medical investment advisory

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