A Sound Investment

Redfli Electronics provides innovative solutions to existing homes.
Feb 1, 2015
Lauren Caggiano
Jeffrey Crane
A Sound Investment

A state-of-the-art audiovisual system should not be limited to just new construction. That belief is what drives the Redfli Electronics team. In addition to installing systems in new houses, Redfli provides innovative product lines that can be easily installed in existing homes. 

Fort Wayne-based Redfli provides audiovisual products and solutions to customers in northeast Indiana and beyond. Its brand is synonymous with unparalleled customer service and expertise, as well as exclusive, hand-picked product lines.

Redfli CEO and president, Dustin Oberlin, saw an untapped need in the market. It inspired him to start his company and push the boundaries of the AV industry.

“When working with a blank slate on new construction, the solutions are virtually endless. When it comes to retrofit projects in existing homes, we are capable of doing about 90 percent of what’s possible in a new home,” says Oberlin. 

Whether it’s a security or home theater system, Oberlin says the installation process for older homes is nearly the same as it is for newer ones. 

“We want to help people realize there are not as many limitations as they might think,” he says. 

For any installation—new build or retrofit—the variables are always the particular products used and how they are integrated. Whenever possible, Oberlin says, Redfli installs hardwired solutions in older homes because “it eliminates having one more product in an increasingly congested wireless network.”  Also, wireless integration in really old homes can prove to be tricky because thicker building materials can interrupt the signals. Before any work is done, Oberlin assures customers that he and his team can determine the best possible setup and solutions to meet their needs.

Customer education is also a high priority for Redfli. After a system is installed, Redfli will provide a complete, in-person training session so the customer knows everything about the new system. “I want people to enjoy whatever they have purchased and get the most value out of it,” Oberlin says. Redfli has plans this year to create short videos that provide customers with basic instructional guidance, as well as some troubleshooting solutions for 24/7 assistance. 

In addition to custom installation work, Redfli has a retail showroom where people can test products and make purchases on the spot. Another option is to browse Redfli’s products on its website. (Local, in-home delivery and shipping are available.) 

“In five to 10 years, smart home technology will be an expectation and not a luxury, especially in higher-end homes,” says Oberlin. “People are becoming used to smart home features and, when presented with a choice, are more likely to choose homes with a system in place versus those lacking such amenities.”

Oberlin says an investment in AV technology is an investment in the home itself. The future of home living will be defined by the homeowners ability to be connected to their home—not just to see what is going on but to control it, no matter where they happen to be at any given time.

Redfli Electronics

Address: 6427 Georgetown N. Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Phone: (877) REDFLI-7 or (877) 733-3547

Website: redfli.com

Email: dustin@redfli.com

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