High Touch, High Tech

Redfli Electronics offers customized electronics systems coupled with hands-on customer service.
Dec 1, 2013
Tammy Davis
Jeffrey Crane
High Touch, High Tech

When Dustin Oberlin decided to start his own company, he first looked at himself and asked: “What do I love?” and “What am I good at?” The answer came quickly—high-end audio visual technology. So, he turned his attention to the market and soon discovered a gap between high-end products and high-quality service. He knew he had found his business. In March 2006, Redfli Electronics was born.

Since that time, Oberlin has built a thriving business, specializing in designing and installing custom audio visual systems for commercial and residential customers alike. The secret is taking care of customers, he says, and that means no surprises. 

Oberlin keeps customers informed every step of the way—from consultation and design to installation and training. He uses Basecamp, an online project management application, to share information with his clients. They can log into their own project at any time and see what has already happened, what’s next and when it is scheduled. 

The other key component of Redfli’s no surprises policy is how the company handles pricing. Once a system design has been approved by the customer, Redfli signs a contract and the pricing remains firm, unless the customer signs a change order. A customer never receives a huge bill for overages at the end of a project.

Redfli’s no surprises policy is working. 

“We don’t consider a project finished until the client is completely excited and satisfied with their new system,” Oberlin says. “For this reason our customer satisfaction has been through the roof.”

Of course, it also takes the right products to build a successful business. The lines Redfli carries have been handpicked by Oberlin; most are not offered elsewhere in the city. He only chooses those which exhibit best-in-class quality, manufacturing and value. Oberlin and his team take the time to steep themselves in the product lines Redfli carries so that they can provide highly-specialized knowledge and service. They never want to pass people on to a remote service provider.

Traditionally, most people think of home theaters when they think of audio visual technology. Although the company’s roots certainly lie in the residential arena, the similarity in technology coupled with an extensive network of business contacts has vaulted Redfli into the commercial market as well. A significant portion of Redfli’s revenues now comes from commercial systems.

These systems generally revolve around controls. They may encompass cameras and security systems, customized locks and codes, thermostats and lighting, even motorized shades and screens. Redfli often designs these features into fully-integrated systems, commonly known as “smart” building technology. For example, thermostats and lighting systems can feature programmed responses to accommodate changes in the environment. When the temperature in a room varies by a predetermined amount, the control system can turn lights on or off, raise or lower shades and activate an HVAC system in response. Motion sensors can also be integrated into the system so that movement in an area will signal lighting and temperature controls. Such features help make a building more energy efficient, and can also qualify toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for companies seeking certification.

Security systems have also gotten more complex and that fits right into Redfli’s area of expertise. Redfli features electronic locks with customizable codes that can be individualized not just to the person, but also to particular times. That means that someone might only be able to access a building between certain hours of the day or on certain days of the week. If anything goes awry, the system can send text messages to designated recipients.

The more sophisticated the technology, the more options Oberlin and his Redfli team have to offer. The commercial systems Oberlin designs can chart sensor input, alerts, error messages and other data and use it to the customer’s advantage. 

“We can take the data that a building gives us and make the system more efficient,” says Oberlin.

Even though other companies may be able to provide high-tech systems like these, Oberlin feels strongly that no one else offers the same focus on serving customers. After a system is installed, Oberlin personally walks through its features with the customer, providing training in programming and operation. He doesn’t leave until the customer is completely comfortable. 

“They know exactly how everything runs,” says Oberlin. “I leave them pumped up.”

That, he says, is the Redfli difference. No surprises. 

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Dustin Oberlin is proud that Redfli offers exclusive lines not found in big-box stores and he has created a state-of-the-art showroom where his staff can demonstrate those products. 

Redfli Electronics

Address: 6427 North Georgetown Boulevard

Phone: 877-REDFLI-7 (877-733-3547)

Website: redfli.com

Years in Business: 7

Number of Employees: 6

Products & Services: Premium audio visual equipment and services for residential and commercial applications. Specializing in turnkey, custom designed systems and personalized service. Products are also available via Redfli’s specialized retail showroom or online at redfli.com.

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